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International Coach Federation - St. Louis Chapter

As coaches, we believe that all great discoveries and breakthroughs are preceded by curiosity, and we are delighted that your curiosity has led you to us.

Our mission: To advance the art, science, practice, and success of professional coaching in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and surrounding regions of eastern Missouri, southern Illinois, eastern Iowa and northern Arkansas.

Please accept our invitation to come, explore, discover, learn, and grow.


Join us on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The MasterFull Metaphor Method: Making Magic and Meaning out of the Miscellaneous and Mundane

Is your coaching like a frog on a log?  Or is it more like an electrical storm?
Do your clients experience that warm delicious hug - or do they get that slap in the face?
For that matter, are your clients chomping at the bit for change - or are they dragging their feet in the mud?

Yes, you guessed it.  We're talking about metaphors. 

Let me ask you this:  what is the "single sock" of your coaching?  How is your coaching like a banana?  Is it better when your coaching is a tube of lip balm, a roll of toilet paper, or a used condom wrapper?

Don’t know? By the end of this workshop, you may still not know the answers to those questions, but you WILL know how to discover, create and utilize metaphors in a MasterFull way.

Let’s be honest: metaphors are a big part of coaching.  They allow us to connect with the deeper part of our psyche, provide a means to describe something indescribable, and express our experiences on a deeper level.  (And, neurologically speaking, it creates an awesome brain exercise)

Everyone is different when it comes to metaphors.  Some coaches are Olympic Athletes, while others stumble on “Bambi legs.” And the beliefs surround metaphors are numerous: it’s something you just know, or a skill anyone can learn.  You either got it, or you don’t. Some say metaphors are easy, while others insist they're hard.  Perhaps they're a gift from the heavens - or maybe found in one of Dante’s 8 circles of Hell.

Well, let’s put all that baggage to the side, kick open the floodgates, open up some new doors, and drop and atomic bomb on your coaching!

In this engaging and interactive Master Class, we will break apart the myths of metaphors like an egg, we’ll put it back together like a puzzle and wrap it in a whole new cover like a present so you can use it any time powerfully.


  • New coaches, sure, they may be a little green - but green can be beautiful and powerful.  And they’ll discover so much more richness in your coaching with this work
  • Intermediate coaches will love chewing on this solid and reliable process that will add rich layers to their coaching experience
  • Advanced coaches will discover how to break new ground and tread new pathways, revealing  hidden treasures in their coaching they may have forgotten were there
  • In other words, this workshop applies and appeals to ALL coaches at ALL levels

And that also includes ALL types of coaches—life, business, health, executive, relationship, leadership, career, etc.  Heck, metaphors aren’t just for the woo-woo coach.  Every coach and every client can use this tool powerfully in their coaching.


  • Identify the traps that most coaches fall into (and how to get out)
  • Learn the single block that will kill any metaphor
  • Discover the four realms where all powerful metaphors lie
  • Access a simple 4-step structure to guide you through how to use metaphors easily with amazing awareness and radical results
  • Unlock your creativity in new and exciting ways
  • Leave with an unlimited supply of metaphors you can access any time
  • Discover a deeper coaching confidence
  • Create Amusement Park Coaching (or, perhaps, a Haunted House Experience - or a Visit to the Grand Canyon with your clients each and every time. (Don't worry; it’s all good)

There will be 1.5 Core Compentencies given for the program.

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Meet Ben Dooley

Ben Dooley is an MCC coach who facilitates the bi-weekly “COACHING SKILLS FORUM” telecalls, is the writer of BeDo Bits Newsletter for Coaches and the author of the “MasterFull IS as MasterFull DOES”workbookseriesas well as creator of multiple interactive and engaging coach growing workshops and teleclasses like the powerful and unparalleled “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass series.  He has served as Past President of the ICF Chicago Chapter, co-founder and of the Midwest Regional Advisory Council and past co-producer of the Midwestern Coaching Conference.  In fact, with just about everything his does in the coaching world demonstrates his overwhelming commitment to coaching coaches and helping them discover their powerful coaching magnificence, coaching confidenceand coaching success.

His past experiences as a professional actor, clown, restaurant reviewer, waiter, and just about every other temp job in town has taught him some powerful lessons about authenticity and personal power—in other words, “the Artistry and Performance of our coaching.”  He is committed to filling in as many of the gaps that coaches struggle with so that we can all show up and BE MasterFull coaches and DO MasterFull coaching.

After all, “MasterFull is as MasterFull does.”

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Meeting Location:

The Heights Community Center
Argus Room
8001 Dale Ave.
Richmond Heights, Mo 63117

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Networking 5:30- 5:45pm 

2018 Dates: Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 27
4th Tuesday of the month!

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Monthly Member Spotlight:

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